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Masato Hayakawa's April 17th. Student. Addicted to Coldrain since 2013. Towards to Japan & Korean culture. Love kawaii things (。・ω・。) Kawaii cat look everytime. Caucasian + Japanese guy lover. Not really active. + I love Min Yoongi and Song Yunhyeong.
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welcome back!
hello guys, im back to blogger life. hehe is been like 3 years i left this world and i decided to came back to make this blog alive with my daily life talk omg, im excited with this, i probably gonna write some fanfic or nah and plus for sure about my life lol, /why do i rewrite again haha/ actually i already 18 this year, and i decided to continue my studies at school aka im taking stpm. after read those note for first semester really make me suffer but everything in life is challenging so i need to face it no matter what happens right?

anyway i still thinking about should i come back or nah because you know being a pra-u student is quiet tough haha, and the end of my words is, have a good day :)!
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